The story of Palin's wardrobe.

From the Huffington Post: Palin's $180,000 Campaign Clothes "Stuffed in Trash Bags" at RNC Headquarters.
But for reasons that remain mysterious, the clothes remain stashed at the RNC's Washington, D.C., headquarters. A source close to the issue told NewMajority that the clothes are "in the process" of being donated, and an RNC spokesman corroborated, saying the clothes have indeed been returned from Palin, "inventoried and will be appropriately dispersed to various charities." Attempts for an explanation of when and where the clothes will be donated went unanswered, and the governor's Alaska office does not comment on campaign issues.
It's like the story that just won't die.
The fact that the clothes have not been donated or publicly accounted for, however, has angered some big donors...
Gee, I can't imagine why. So they say the clothes are all there, laying around, but they're not being accounted for to the people who actually paid for them, and aren't being donated, like they said they would be.

I've got two guesses. The first is that some items are missing, and they don't want to let on to that fact, since Palin is their great (northern) white hope; OR, that someone's hoping Palin's back in 2012, and don't want to get rid of the clothes, just in case she needs them.