Beck + Dobson = Headache

From Pharyngula: You will be stupider after watching this
A hint: Glenn Beck. James Dobson. Together. This will rot your mind.

They are complaining about a court decision that ruled that a 'moment of silence' rule in a public school was a veiled attempt to introduce sectarian religious belief into the classroom.
I think I got through maybe a minute of this, and no more. Seriously, giving a weasel like Glenn Hack and a hateful douche like Jim "Show Your Son Your Cock So He Won't Be Gay" Dobson time on TV together is a recipe for a sudden spike in aspirin sales. And this whole thing, if you don't care to watch it (and I wouldn't blame you) is chock full of the same bullshit people like these love to push: "forcing atheism down our throats", "the Constitution says we can", "they wanna take God out of our country", "Christian nation", "they're sayin' kids can't pray", the whole bit.

The plain truth of it is, if you actually follow the link provided after the video in PZ's post, you find that the ruling states and re-states that this has been determind, time and time again, to be nothing more than an attempt to establish religion as a part of daily school life. As much as they try to weasel out of it, this isn't about "reflection" or "silence", it's about trying to make everyone's kids pray to whatever Magic Sky-Man the teacher follows.

Ah well, at least Bonehead Beck, the deranged, hateful, lying scumbag, is on the "news" channel most in line with his spewings.