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From The Telegraph.co.uk: Sir David Attenborough: 'I get hate mail telling me to burn in hell for not crediting God'
Sir David Attenborough receives hate mail from viewers for not crediting God in his nature programmes.

"They tell me to burn in hell and good riddance," Sir David said during an interview with the Radio Times about his latest documentary on Charles Darwin and natural selection.
Thanks to PZ Myers for pointing this out.

Is this how bad things are? People send a man hateful, disgusting letters just because he doesn't give thanks to a Magical Sky-Man during his nature programs? Is that how weak your beliefs are, that you have to have them reinforced in every facet of life, at regular intervals throughout the day?

I'm sick of these kinds of people. They're the ones who complain when they don't get a special time period each day to pray (and yet if they allowed the children they claim they're doing this for to bow to Mecca, it'd be an outrage), who wish devoutly for a theocracy and think that it'll come if they just wish hard enough (or if they can engineer it), who complain that other people are getting the special rights they think should be exclusive to them, who make a huge and unavoidable spectacle about a pastor who calls out America for its faults but turn a blind eye to ones who praise history's greatest monster, who state that any belief other than theirs is harmful by its nature without even the slightest hint of irony. And yet, they still claim to be moral, loving, superior people, and society swallows that idea without question. F that noise. I say we need to cut these people off from public acknowledgement of their views and see how they like it.

If this kind of hatred and belligerence is what your beliefs really entail, then no thank you. I'll stick with rationality and keep company with rational people of all stripes, if it's all the same to you and even if it isn't.