Lou Dobbs: Still Spineless

From Media Matters: CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight baselessly included Franken in segment on "Dems behaving badly"
Summary: Lou Dobbs Tonight baselessly included Al Franken in a segment on, in host Lou Dobbs' words, "Democratic Party scandals and downright bad behavior." During both Dobbs' teaser for and introduction of a report by CNN correspondent Casey Wian, CNN ran on-screen text reading "Dems Behaving Badly" over video footage that included Franken. During the portion of Wian's report on the Minnesota recount, on-screen text read, "Dems behaving badly: Democrats rocked by party scandals."
So, Rethugs, still want to tell me Lou Dobbs is independent? I know you're all eating your own hats because Franken won, but this is just pathetic. Oh, wait, I forgot - when we do it, it's "being a sore loser"; when you do it, it's just trying to get justice, right?