"Pro-Life" Crazy Nearly Kills Multiple People

From StarTribune.com: SUV smashes into Planned Parenthood in St. Paul
On the 36th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, a man smashed his SUV into the entrance of the Planned Parenthood office in St. Paul this morning.
"We think it's intentional because of Roe vs. Wade," Panos said. "He's not saying much. He was praying or chanting when the officers arrived."
When Di Nicola arrived at the clinic, she said the man had gotten out of the SUV and was pacing around it, holding a crucifix and chanting. "He was agitated and he was saying, 'shut down this Auschwitz,' " she said.
Yep, more "good Christian love" and "sanctity of life" here - Going religio-crazy and crashing your gas-guzzler into a clinic, putting the people inside in danger. And what are the news sources saying now about this domestic terrorist? He has a history of mental illness. Apparently, the guy's been hospitalized 12 times.

First off, this is all an excuse - mentally ill or not, this is terrorism, plain and simple. It was an attempt to use force and the possibility of injury or death to make a political statement, the very definition of terrorism. Why isn't this kind of thing considered terrorism? Oh, sorry, I forgot that terrorism is exclusively the acts of foreign brown-skinned people with different-sounding names.

Secondly, why is this guy even allowed on the streets? If he's been hospitalized twelve times, he needs serious attention, and this proves he's not getting it. Ah, but I forgot - mental illness isn't a real illness; it's just people who want attention and want to leech off the system. At least, that's what this country's total lack of mental healthcare tells me. Finally, how "pro-life" is someone if he's trying ot run them over with an SUV? It's just more proof that "pro-life" should be called "anti-choice".

You want mental illness? This guy's a hyper-religious anti-choicer with no compunctions about killing those he deems subhuman; there's your mental illness.