PETA Rides Mustardgate's Coattails: Are You Convinced Yet That They're Attention-Whoring Scum?

Straight from the horse's ass: PETA sends stinkburgersveggie burgers to Ray's Hell Burger in the wake of "Mustardgate".

Are you convinced yet? PETA sees a story getting coverage and jumps right the fuck onto it. They know that this is going to get them attention, and for once I hope it does, because if we can get the GOP and the Petards taken down in one great swoop, it'll be a great day for those of us who aren't toally fucking batshit loco.

Seriously, PETA is a bunch of idiots. They know that publicity stunts and sexism sell, and they know their rabid, spoiled, teenage hordes won't care what happens as loing as the attention keeps coming. I'm hoping this administration will do something with their terrorist-supporting, criminal, threatening, sexist, stupid asses.

OR maybe the problem will solve itself - like I said, if we can tie them to the anchor we call "Mustardgate", they'll sink like stones.

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