GOP's Latest Fear Tactic: "Be Afraid of Who Obama Meets With - Congressional Hispanics!"

From Think Progress: Hispanic Caucus offended by images in Boehner’s fearmongering video.
On Wednesday, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) released a fearmongering video, asking if Americans “feel safer” under President Obama. But one image in the video has caused outrage in Congress. After a shot of Obama shaking hands with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the video cuts to an image of Obama meeting with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus(.)
Oh, Lordy. They couldn't be digging that hole they're in any faster without the aid of dynamite, power tools, and an army of trained moles. Is this what it's come to, GOP? Smear-and-fear videos and bashing your own Congressional colleagues?

Fuck it, they're done. Warm up the bus, this game is over.