A Conversation With Phage on the Proposed Tax Rebate by the Administration and Its Effect on Us and America, As Well As Its Significance

Believe it or not, this is a conversation between Phage and myself earlier this evening.

(8:39:38 PM) Phage: Hear about the potential tax rebate this year?

(8:39:51 PM) Damian: No.

(8:40:12 PM) Phage: http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5g06lpUTJHppEC3iGBzDP9k-kud8Q

(8:40:44 PM) Damian: OH, for fuck's sakes, not another payoff.

(8:41:19 PM) Phage: Yep.

(8:41:30 PM) Phage: And as terrible as it is, I'd gladly welcome and extra 800.

(8:41:55 PM) Phage: Not because I support it.

(8:41:57 PM) Damian: So would I, but fat chance of it happening to us.

(8:42:03 PM) Damian: And it ain't fixing shit.

(8:42:04 PM) Phage: Just cause, well I could use another 800 bucks.

(8:42:26 PM) Phage: Oh no shit. I don't expect it to, I mean the 300 dollar one in 2001 didn't do shit.

(8:42:54 PM) Phage: If we paid taxes last year, we would get any tax rebate that went through. I got the 300 in 01.

(8:43:00 PM) Damian: Huh.

(8:43:44 PM) Phage: Hell, since Lady Feline paid taxes last year, SHE should get it as well.

(8:43:51 PM) Damian: True.

(8:44:42 PM) Phage: I mean shit. If this went through that's an extra 2400 to the household.

(8:45:02 PM) Phage: It'd clear up my immediate money concerns for the year.

(8:45:17 PM) Phage: You could get your glasses - and we could get a 360 and rockband.

(8:45:30 PM) Damian: True.

(8:46:45 PM) Phage: Anyway, it's still just on the table. But I have a feeling the American populace is going to respond favorably to it (hate the payoff fact, but I just have a feeling on this)

(8:47:31 PM) Damian: I figure. And we do all need money anyhow, no matter what. This isn't going to fix things, but it would be a good way of reducing what problems we have.

(8:48:25 PM) Phage: Yeah. Also, hell its going back into the market anyway, most americans get cash like that and they throw it right back into the system.

(8:48:33 PM) Damian: That's also true.

(8:50:17 PM) Phage: I don't think it'll effect much either way other than to make the people responsible, voicing it (read Republicans since it's a white house idea) look better before the 08 election.

(8:51:20 PM) Damian: I figure. But if the economy gets any worse, they still won't be viewed favorably.

(8:52:21 PM) Phage: True. It's a desparation move, what I expect it to do is go "OH HEY. MONEY." and when people poor that back into the economy see a temporary improvement, enough to make people forget the downward slump we're in.

(8:52:47 PM) Phage: At least until the powers that be have re-established themselves for a few more years.

(8:53:42 PM) Damian: I expect no huge change in the economy from this. Nor do I expect any real change in opinion.

(8:55:04 PM) Phage: Possibly. Like I said, it's not going to be a huge change, or even an improvement other than showing mild growth for a very short while, it's a marketing ploy if anything. As for opinion, hard to tell until it goes through.

(8:55:32 PM) Phage: It's not a fix, definately - and any improvement is going to be skin-deep at best.

(8:56:40 PM) Phage: Cause, correct me if I'm wrong - but did the 01 rebate do anything of substance?

(8:56:46 PM) Damian: No.

(8:56:49 PM) Phage: I don't recall it doing so.

(8:56:55 PM) Phage: Didn't think so.

(8:57:32 PM) Phage: It's flash bang politics. Give the people what they want to see, so they're not paying attention to what's actually going on around them.

(8:58:01 PM) Phage: I mean, Christ, there are still people who believe Saddam had WMD.

(8:58:58 PM) Phage: *Bangs head on desk* WHY ARE THERE STUPID PEOPLE?

(9:00:06 PM) Damian: And I fully understand the concept. They know that the onyl way to keep us from realizing their utter ignorance is to distract us. And this is a prime form of it.

(9:06:09 PM) Phage: Oh absolutely. Only thing more distracting than something shiney, is something GREEN.

(9:07:17 PM) Damian: Or red. Let's not forget the trotting out of OMG BAD THINGS.