Obama takes S.C. - Here's hoping it continues.


The Illinois senator earned more than twice the vote that rival Sen. Hillary Clinton did, 55 percent to 27 percent, unofficial returns showed.

A good sign indeed, myself (Phage) very much supports Obama over Clinton - mind you if she gets the nomination, I still plan on voting Democrat this year, however I've encountered a substantial number who will not vote for Hillary, that would vote for Obama or another Democract. Rather deserved or not Hillary has established a reputation of being a 'bitch', this reputation by this point seems to be unshakable, as I said, rather deserved or not. The Democratic party really needs to look at the independent voter here, and I fear running Hillary will lessen the chance for presidency this election. ESPECIALLY if McCain gets the Republican nomination, despite his many screw-ups over the last few years, he's maintained a healthy following with independant voters.

Phage, signing off and looking forward to Super Tuesday with anticipation.