Right-Wing Mailbag, Base Misunderstandings About Science Edition

J-G Letters Page, 01/16/08
Regarding Richard Cohen’s column “Huckabee is the face of religious intolerance” (Dec. 6):

The big-bang theory, evolution, atheism, gay rights, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and many others are all religions. They are someone’s overwhelming beliefs. Why, then, are only Christians considered intolerant?

Everyone knows and science can prove that things evolve to survive the changes on the Earth. But, no one can prove (including science) that a species will evolve into a different species. A dog stays a dog, a bird stays a bird, a monkey stays a monkey, slime stays slime, and a human always was and always will be human (man). No amount of theory can change this fact.

I do not endorse Mike Huckabee or any other candidate at this time. I do, however, praise Huckabee for being honest about his beliefs in Jesus Christ and intelligent design.
Wow. That a functioning human being could be this stupid is amazing. Not even getting into his "science and gay rights are religions" bullshit, this guy understands nothing, NOTHING, about evolution. Not one goddamn thing. My guess is that he gets all his "information" abotu anything scientific from "Godly" sources - like the ignorant pseudoscience of William Dembski or Michael Behe. This is the argument of someone who has never even cracked a science book, for fear he might be exposed to "worldly" things. That this kind of ignorance is even present in the modern day should be a great weight upon the hearts of every good person in the world.