Indeterminate-Wing Mailbag, "Response to Whiny Bible-Thumper" Edition

J-G Letters Page, 01/08/08
Newspapers print many viewpoints

Richard Erdman complained in his letter, “Keep religion out of politics (sic)” (Jan 2), that “anti-Christian propaganda should be kept out of the comics.” Comics are not, and should not be, excluded from freedom of expression. I don’t recall Erdman writing to complain about the constant Christian messages in the comic strip “B.C.”

Erdman complains about this statement from “Frazz”: “Look at history: oppression, inquisition, Crusades and wars galore. Religion can be pretty divisive.” Rings true to me, and not just about Christians, so why take Christian umbrage?

What amazes me is the number of letters from writers who insist that The Journal Gazette should only print features, columns, comics, editorials, etc., that they approve of and agree with. The paper disseminates all kinds of information for readers to digest, to expand our knowledge, to experience the opinions of others, to hopefully broaden our outlook on the world. You can pick and choose which parts to read. If you only want to read what you already think you know and what concurs with your sensibilities, then put down the paper and grab a Bible.

Madam, I tip my hat to you. I was blind with rage when I read that letter and was all set to pen a nasty reply, but instead you've taken something that I would have handled poorly and handled it with style.

I thank you.