Right-Wing Mailbag, Hatemonger Dogwhistle Edition

J-G Letters Page, 01/28/2008
Where in the world were all the conservative Republicans? The recent debates were run strictly by the liberal Democrats and the media. There were no questions on morality at all. There was one question on the chief justices’ appointments and was laughed off with a big joke, “dead or alive?” Everybody laughed.

Moral questions were not asked: abortion, stem-cell research, Social Security, Medicare, same-sex marriage, “In God We Trust.”

Sen. John McCain had the true answer on border control and the Iraq war; it’s a just war and we cannot quit when things look bad. Al-Qaida would rejoice if we left the war. We must look way ahead. Wars are costly both materially and bodily. Think of what a hydrogen bomb would do. Al-Qaida must be destroyed.

The moral majority is sleeping again. And if they don’t wake up, the most important election will again be lost.
Ah, nothing like another far-right screed to make the day complete. And this one's complete with that favorite dogwhistle of the hatemonger movement, "morality". For sane people, morality connotes the ability to do what's right in the face of temptation. For this guy and his ilk, morality really means "gay-bashin', woman-hatin', brown-person-killin' bible-thumpin', white, male, evangelical hate".

This guy wouldn't know morality if a dictionary open to the word walked up and rammed him in the nuts.