The continuing circling of the vultures.

5 shot dead, including gunman, at Northern Illinois University

The fact that this happened is depressing enough. But that's not what has me truly mired today. No, what's really eating at me is the vultures. I know they're circling, waiting to descend.

How long before the gun nuts start declaring that forcing everyone to carry guns would have prevented this?
How long before anti-gun nuts start declaring that these things would never, ever happen if guns were outlawed?
How long before some "Christian leader" declares this proof that "God has turned his back on us" and we need to force everyone to be like them?
How long before psychopathic bigot Jack Thompson claims that the gunman "trained on 'murder simulators'"?
How long before Fred Phelps and his hateful little cult come to picket funerals because he thinks this is "God's punishment for accepting 'fags'"?

How long before these shooters realize that they ought to be shooting the vultures rather than innocent people?