From Kotaku: Jack Thompson Blames NIU Shooting On Video Games
It's Virginia Tech all over again! Florida attorney Jack Thompson has appeared on Fox News this morning as a "School Shooting Expert", blaming 27-year-old sociology grad Steven Kazmierczak's rampage yesterday at Northern Illinois University on - you guessed it - video games like Counter-Strike. Kazmierczak, identified only this morning, walked onto a lecture hall stage dressed in black and opened fire on a crowded science class, killing six students before taking his own life. As always, no evidence has been found linking Kazmierczak to video games, Counter-Strike or otherwise, but Thompson never let a lack of evidence keep him from shooting off his mouth. I imagine his ears perk up like a dog hearing its master's voice the moment a terrible tragedy like this occurs. We're currently looking into Kazmierczak to see if there is any sort of video game connection. We'll keep you posted.
That didn't take long. The psychotic, hateful, bigoted purveyor and predator of human misery, Jack Thompson, has already started to lie. Without a shred of proof, he opens his endless hole of lies and pulls out yet another one.

I do dearly hope he gets his ass sued for slander. This bullshit needs to stop, and it's only going to when he is locked away for life in a mental intstitution where horrible human beings like him belong.

Fuck you, you reprehensible pile of hate.