The Cult of Paul

The Podium: One Libertarian's View

Perhaps it's my Libertarian leanings that forces me to continuously speak in regards Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. I'm not sure, perhaps it is because I am a denizen of the internet, and as pretty much ALL of his support comes from people who spend a great deal of time online, I see it thrown in my face more than any other candidate. I'm not really certain. However, I've come to an interesting conclusion I'd like to share with you, dear readers.

Paul's followers are cultists. Now I don't mean that in the humorous, "Oh you!" way, I mean, quite literally, Ron Paul supporters are in a cult. After this rather terrifying thought came to enter my mind a few weeks ago, I made it a point to begin watching various Paul supporter hot spots online. What I've seen is mind-numbing. Individuals who go beyond avid support of a candidate, far beyond.

These are individuals who have built a boogeyman from the media to explain why "Dr. Paul" is doing so poorly, that the evil media conspiracy is actively trying to keep Ron Paul from being president, that they're lying about his numbers about his support, that they don't give him equal coverage to other candidates because of this, instead of the fact that he simply isn't pulling numbers to be viewed as a contender.

The media isn't interested in covering a long-shot who is considered by most on both sides of the political spectrum to be a nutjob. Let alone one who's base seems to consist of internet junkies and conspiracy theorists.

The lengths that these individuals are willing to go for the candidate is insane. Talk in some cases of open, violent revolution if he doesn't get the nomination and then the presidency. An insatiable need to put their 'savior' in the faces of everyone, because surely they want to come to know 'the truth' as well. The fact that they honestly believe themselves to be more enlightened than the rest of us monkies, because they follow Paul. I've seen them talk about how they're 'awake' now, and that it's good to be getting Paul out there, so others can 'wake up' as well.

All in all they have the markings of a cult.

A savior who is put on a pedestal, who can do no wrong - in the case of the newsletters the amount of jumping done to try to explain away the facts was overwhelming - finally in some cases actively working to delude themselves, saying they must have faith, and so forth.

The attacks upon non-believers. I've been labeled by these people a traitor, un-american, and various other insults because I have no desire to support Ron Paul. I don't agree with his platform, I don't think it's good for America, and I think his brand of crazy needs medication. Threats are common with this group, talk of physical violence.

Forceful 'conversion' if all else fails. Talks of revolution against the United States to force their will if Paul fails. (Mind you they refuse to accept that, still again, deluding themselves that they will win in a brokered Republican convention).

Their devotion to Ron Paul is nothing short of religious, and fundamental at worst. The sooner the Republican nomination is awarded, and Paul's army of trolls find their way back under the bridge, the better.

//Phage Out.//