Right-Wing Mailbag, Invocation of Godwin's Law Edition

J-G Letters Page, 2/1/2008
Ban reminds one of Nazis

The Journal Gazette published several articles regarding smoking the week of Jan. 13. This concentrated blitz is surely an effort to influence the City Council as it prepares to consider modifying that oppressive piece of legislation commonly known as the smoking ban.

People who go to bars and clubs go there to smoke, relax and have a few beers and socialize with like-minded friends.

Now, the smoke Nazis are encouraging people to inform on their fellow citizens. They have even come up with a special 311 number to make the process easier, and they have enlisted the pledge of the police department and fire department to enforce their edict.

I resent that my tax money is being used to police the city for people who want to have a cigarette when that tax money could be used for better purposes.

This whole debacle reeks of the same tactics that got the Third Reich started, i.e.: unreasonable laws, people informing on each other, businesses going broke, people out of jobs and so forth. For those too young to remember, maybe the words “Adolf Hitler” and “Nazi Germany” will have meaning.

I don't even have to waste my time pointing out how utterly stupid this man is. The fact that he Godwined himself does it for me.

That's how intellectually devoid these smoke-for-brains assholes are - they're out of arguments, so it's time to start calling people Nazis!