It just never stops: More daddy-state insanity

Gee, and just when I thought my rage would subside, Pandagon comes along to remind me of why I'm so very fucking pissed.

This is your police state - woman violently strip searched

The police state continues: quadriplegic dumped from wheelchair

And one brought to me through Pandagon's commenters, without a story: A power-tripping cops assults and batters a 14-year-old for skateboarding, then threatens him repeatedly.

I just wonder why we we even bother with the pretense of rights these days. We're already so mired into a Father-Knows-Best state that things like this are happening all the time.

This shit isn't fucking America. This is Stalin-era Russia. This is Nazi Germany. This is fucking madness.

This is why, sometimes, it ought to be acceptable to take the law into your own hands, when the law fails to do its job.